To adapt to the current situation, the IIW decided to transform the IIW 2020 Annual Assembly into a fully on-line event, to offer the international welding community the possibility to have a real IIW experience through a renovated approach.

The IIW is excited to announce that the 73rd IIW Annual Assembly will be held on-line, on July 15/25, 2020!


To have a glance at the IIW Online Assembly Webinar, please click here:


This is the opportunity to exploit a great chance: going on-line staying together virtually! 

It is our goal that the virtual Assembly will meet the needs of the IIW Community: presentations, discussions, development of documents and best practices, general interaction.

The Event will be hosted on an interactive and responsive web-based platform which can operate on any device and allows to implement the IIW Online Annual Assembly with various participation modalities. All the functionalities of a traditional meeting will be covered and even extended, including panel discussions, voting, Q&A and sharing.

To join the 73rd Annual Assembly you just need to register on-line and, in accordance to the profile chosen or assigned, you will be able to explore the program, select the Commission you have to chair or you would like to join, explore the virtual exhibition areas or simply stay up to date with worldwide professionals in the field of welding and joining.

The platform, which will be accessible through Aristea Pass, will be soon available. 

The General Assembly will be held on July 15, 2020 and the Units (Commissions, Study Groups and IAB meetings) will take place on-line mostly from July 20 to 25, 2020, based on the preliminary programme.


Please see below the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the iiw 2020 Online Annual Assembly.


How will the meeting take place?
Meeting will be held based on the meeting schedule. Each Unit will follow its agenda, with time for presentations and discussion of documents.
The meeting environment will replicate the face-to face annual assembly inasmuch as possible, including presentations, discussions and questions.

Which areas of the Virtual Conference will be accessed free of charge?
Access to the meeting rooms, to the downloadable materials, recordings and to the area for speeches and awards will be restricted to those who paid the registration fee.
Access to the lobby, the virtual exhibition area, the welded art exhibition and to the satellite sessions (sponsored) will be free of charge.

How many participants do you expect for this event?
Every year the face-to-face Annual Assembly gathers more than 600 participants in average. As based on the reduced cost and the limited resources for the participation to the on-line event, we expect a significantly increased number of participants.
The IIW community gathers more than 2.000 registered individuals; this gives a view of the possible impact of the IIW event.

Have you got any material to present the event?
We’re promoting the on-line assembly mostly on-line. A full set of information is available on www.iiw2020.online, including alive demo of the virtual event.
Please contact the IIW communication specialist  rosario.russo@iiwelding.net if you need any material.


What is the young professional criteria for discounted registration?
The IIW has a specific policy to encourage Young professionals to become Young Leaders in Welding. Young professionals are identified as those individuals starting their career in welding. The requirements is age under 35 and limited experience in welding.

What is the difference between full package for young professionals and not young professional?
The only difference is with the price of registration.


What are the registration options?
The standard registration has a full or a young professional rate. These allow a complete experience: joining all the sessions and the relevant recordings (as available), viewing the welcome address by the IIW President and the handover message form the incoming IIW President, the recognition of awardees, the welded art exhibition, the Sponsors exhibition and to download the materials.
In case of companies enrolling more participants, corporate fees have been included to grant access to multiple participants at a discounted fee.
Also, a “one session” option has been included, to allow access one session only, with full access to the other content (it doesn’t include the access to recordings).

Is it possible to upgrade the “one session” registration during the AA to visit other sessions?
The registration fee for one session is offered, to join just one session. This can be upgraded during the event to a full registration.

What is the registration address? Is the registration now open? Will there be any form of corporate / group registration or is it only individual registration?
To register visit https://iiw2020.online
We’re offering the possibility of Group registration (5 and 10 accesses): it cannot be managed through the registration portal, please contact registrations@iiw2020.online
For larger groups, please contact the IIW Secretaritat at iiw@iiwelding.net

Is the access personal or is it possible to replace the person?
Each individual will be recognised through his registration pass; speaking and voting rghts are assigned to this pass. The access is personal and the person cannot be replaced.


Will participants be able to address questions directly to speakers?
All participants will be allowed to address questions. The recommended method is through the Chat. In each session, a group composed by the Session Cahir, the commission Chair, speakers and experts will also have the possibility to speak, present and interact.

How does a presentation get online? Are all presentations managed by the chair?
Presenters may choose to present their content form their device (PC, Tablet, Laptop) by sharing themselves their screen; in this case, they’ll have full control on what is shown. As an alternative, as a director will be following each session, the presenter or the Chair may ask for his support.
In case of pre-registered presentations, it is recommended that these are put online by the director under the guidance of the commission Chair.

Can each participant join any commission? How it will be recognised by the Chair?
Participants with full registration will be able to join any session. The Chair will recognise his presence in real time, as he’ll have the list of participants in his panel.
Active participation is always possible through the Chat and for voting (if allowed). Voice interaction rights are assigned in advance.

Is there a limitation in the length of a presentation intended?
The duration of the presentation is a decision of the Session Chair. Please consider that in an online environment presentations should be shortened to ensure they get the proper impact on participants. For a technical paper, the recommended duration is 12 to 15 minutes.

Are the chairs collecting full papers ahead of the sessions? How is the recommendation for Welding in the World realized in the Meetings?
This on-line Annual Assembly follows the same rules as the face-to-face assemblies.
Chairs of units are already collecting papers. Recommendations to publish in Welding in the World will follow the usual rules as well, with a group screening of documents and voting of delegates.

Will guidelines be sent out to on what equipment they will need to run a session?
A guideline is now available on www.iiw2020.online

What is deadline for presentations so that they are ready for the Annual Assembly?
There is no technical requirement for the live presentations. Pre-recorded presentations should be made available before 1 July. Please don’t forget to contact the Chairman of your meeting to announce your presentation as soon as possible, to let him manage the Agenda for the meeting.

Do I need to pre-register my presentation?
Speakers may present their contributions live or pre-recorded. Pre-recording is recommended in case of unstable internet connection of the

What format do you recommend for the prerecording the presentations?
Pre-recorded presentations include a video of the speaker, his content and his voice. These should be recorded in format MP4 compressed, aspect Ratio 16:9and with a 1280×720 pixels


Will all the reports and presentations be available on the IIW SharePoint web site after the assembly?
This on-line Annual Assembly follows the same rules as the face-to-face assemblies.
Will all the reports and presentations be available on the IIW SharePoint web site after the assembly? This on-line Annual Assembly follows the same rules as the face-to-face assemblies.
All materials for the meetings will be managed as always through the IIW Sharepoint.
In addition, a recording of the sessions will be available on the AA site after the sessions are ended.

Do we get in advance the various presentations listed under each commission, after we complete the Registration procedure?
This on-line Annual Assembly follows the same rules as the face-to-face assemblies. Presentation are uploaded on the page of each unit in the IIW Community website on SharePoint.

Could you please advise if the sessions will be recorded?
This will be very useful in cases of concurrent sessions. Sessions will be recorded and made available on demand to full registrants.


How will voting be managed during the sessions?
During the sessions the Chair has the ability to lunch a vote. This can be a simple survey on the participants agreement on a given item, or a formal vote opened to delegates only.

What are the rules for voting? Does everyone have the right to vote?
This on-line Annual Assembly follows the same rules as the face-to-face assemblies.
During some meetings the Chairman will request for  formal voting, where only delegates will be allowed to vote. The list of delegates is managed by each IIW member. Please contact the member(s) of your Country (list of members available on http://iiwelding.org/iiw-members) to understand the rules applicable to your national delegation.

Is there a limitation of participation for each country? For example in room of IAB group A & B
The technology itself does not put any limitation. According to the IIW rules, some groups may have restricted participation. This is the case of administrative groups (e.g. the IIW general Assembly, with a limitation of three representatives per Country) or the IAB groups with 2 representatives of the Country.

How will you identify and check if the Participants has the right to vote for the meeting of the International Authorisation Board (IAB)?
Each individual will be recognised through his registration pass; speaking and voting rights are assigned to his pass.Voting rights to the IAB meetings will be assigned by each Authorised Nominated Body (ANB) or Authorised Nominated Body for Company Certification.


How will I get IT support during the sessions?
IT support will be offered during each session by an IT expert joining each session. To troubleshoot, you just have to ask for support during the chat.

How do you get immediate support during the meeting, if you have problems with the conference system and it crashes for example, email, phone?
This can be obtained through the chat at the information desk.

If you need to find an IIW Staff member or even any attendee during the online assembly, is there a way to locate them within the site and text them?
IIW staff will be available in a dedicated and well recognisable area in the main entrance.
The IIW staff will provide support to Chairs, Attendees and representatives of working units as relates to IIW procedure. A separate area will be offered for Information technology support for anyone needing assistance.


Who decides which format is the proper one for a certain session (webinar vs. teleconference any other options)?
During a session, the speakers will be in a teleconference session (i.e. fully interacting on-line) independent on the number of participants. The other participants will be in a webinar environment (i.e. receiving the session streaming and without the ability to speak).
This setting will be managed by the organisers, depending on the number of participants.

Will the Chairmen be given the list of registrants before the Annual Assembly so that it can be compared with the members of their Working Unit? This is important so that the Chairman can decide which topic will be discussed at the meeting.
Each registrant will have to indicate which commission/unite he intends to join. A list will be given to the Chair, together with the list of delegates.


What is the cost to sponsor the IIW 2020 on-line annual assembly?
The cost depends on the sponsoring options and the relevant impact on participants. For further information please contact sponsorships@iiw2020.online

How can a sponsor increase the impact on the welding community through this on-line Annual- Assembly
Sponsoring options include:
a. How can a sponsor increase the impact on the welding community through this on-line Annual Assembly Sponsoring options include:a. an advertisement space with a video of 30 seconds to be shown before and after each meeting session: a definitive opportunity to reach the chosen technical audience;
b. an advertisement space in the conference lobby: everyone entering the conference will be exposed to brand and products;
c. a virtual booth, with the ability to discuss with contacts, interact, exchange virtual business cards, show videos of products or your materials available for download;
d. the sponsoring of the associated event titled “Welded art exhibition”: a collection of welded masterpieces from around the world for all attendees to view along with a booklet available for download to all attendees and all those interested. Brands could circulate in this environment over the next year to a wide variety technical individuals.
However, the virtual environment offers greater sponsorship flexibility and targeting accommodating the specific needs, expectations requirements of sponsors.

Does the virtual booth are the same offer meeting opportunities similar to physical booths where sponsors can meet current and perspective customers?
Each booth may offer the possibility of organising sessions for live interaction with customers, in form of conference (e.g. satellite sessions), meetings and a live chat.
An advantage is that everyone getting in contact will be qualified with a contact that may help to follow up after the conference.

What is the design of a booth in the virtual sponsor area?
Each Booth has a standard design, which offer the possibility to be customised with Logo, brand name, posters, videos, link to website and other contents and a live chat area.


The platform will be online in few weeks but you can find here preliminary information about General Guidelines.

While we are working to give you the best possible digital experience, just stay safe and keep in touch for more details, soon available.










Commissions meetings, with active participation and vote will be held from 1:00 to 4:00 pm CEST in order to allow all parties from all around the world to be able to join the event. Other events, the sponsor’s area and the welded art exhibition, will be available during other times during the whole IIW Annual Assembly on-line. 


The platform will provide a Virtual Exhibit Area that will host virtual booths, enhanced with service packages reserved to Sponsor Companies.

It may contain all digital contents such as marketing communication, documents, infographics, videos that companies wish to share.

Participants will be able to join digital surveys proposed by the Sponsors and there will be virtual meeting rooms to organize and host meetings or videoconferences with Participants and Stakeholders.

Other information will be given in due course but for any information please contact the Organizing Secretariat Aristea: sponsorships@iiw2020.online


Registrations are open. In the table you can see the registration fees.




(Within May, 31, 2020)


Full package


General Assembly (1)

Any Commission meeting

Recording of the commissions

IAB meetings

350 €
VAT included
440 €
VAT included

Full package

(Young Professionals)


General Assembly

Any Commission meeting

Recording of the commissions

IAB meetings

250 €
VAT included
350 €
VAT included

One unit/meeting

(available last minute)


Admission limited to 1 session in one day amongst any Commission meeting

Access with limited interaction: not applicable to speakers

70 €
VAT included
Corporate rate 5 * 5 accesses, for full package 1,270 €
VAT excluded
1,516 €
VAT excluded
Corporate rate 10 * 10 accesses, for full package 2,295 €
VAT excluded
2,625 €
VAT excluded

(1) Only for delegates designated by their responsible Member Society
* Corporate registrations have to be finalized directly with the Secretariat. For any information please contact registrations@iiw2020.online

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